A little humans guiding

The ceremony for a newborn is something really special. The parents and relatives have the possibility to guide the child with their personal wishes and blessings. This could also be happing with different rituals – as you wish. There are no limits to your imagination. I will gladly help you out with different examples. A contribution by the godparents will enlarge this ceremonial event. 



We will talk about all details of the ceremony in a personal meeting (approx. 2 hours), think together which elements would be suitable und who will take part in it. Afterwards I will get in touch with all contributors personally to coordinate the contents of the ceremony. With all information I then will create the ceremony speech, which can be read in advance. On the day of the ceremony, I will get to the location an hour ahead.  



Ideally, a welcoming ceremony should last between 10 and 15 minutes