Feel touched once again – by your own story.

Two people make the decision to spend their lives together. This is a wonderful event for a ceremony! Recognizing true love between two people is already magical. The first shy looks, the upcoming feeling that this might be the one, all the mastered situations as a team and memories in time-lapse – this will not only do magic to you, but also your guests. 



The first meeting is without obligations. You should feel comfortable with me and look forward to your ceremony with great excitement. If this is working for you we will set another meeting. You dive once more into your love story and will let me be part of it. Wedding rituals can also be part of the ceremony. I will gladly give you examples. It’s also very beneficial to have separate talks on the phone with each one of you as well as with the witnesses. Contributions by your loved ones are always enriching and will make the ceremony even more personal. 

On the wedding day I will be at the location an hour ahead. This way there will be enough time to get everything organized before the big moment. 



Ideally a secular weeding lasts between 30 to 40 minutes.